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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) October 1930




It labours to recocile the apparent insignificancy of the field to the surpassing grandeur of the Operator and founds the benignity and Mercy of the Scheme on adventurous but probable comparisons of the condition of other ordcirs of being. [...] Shall I ever again be able to connect the face of outward nature the mists of the morn the star of the eve the flowers and all poetry with the heart and life of an enchanting friend? [...] The exhortations of Doordaneh Begum the wife of Murshidkuli the governor of Orissa to fight against Aly Verdy as well as the appearance of the Begum of Aly Verdy with Aly Verdy on the battlefield show that the Muhammadan ladies also took part in politics and state affairs and that they had not all succumbed to the prevalent form of seclusion. [...] The position of a wife in the Hindu joint family was interelated with the interests and the comforts of the other members of the family. [...] She then saluted the spectators in the same manner; and with the assistance of the Brahmans mounted the pile and seated herself by the side of the corpse.



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