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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) February 1930




Similarly the capitals are varied at pleasure though not without regard to the diameter and length of the shaft and the forms of the plainest of them are found at a distant view to bear some resemblance to the Doric and Ionic capitals ; but those of a more elaborate kind are sometimes so overloaded with a short of filligree ornaments as to destroy the effect of the beautiful proportions of the [...] It is fluted in all instanced save in the facades of the necropoles at Persepolis and the single column that still remains of the Palace of Cyrus in the upland valley of the Polvar.' (p. [...] 'The complex column with double capital and volutes rose between tile four enormous pillars of the monumental propylaea on the Persepolitan platform ; it upheld the ceiling of the central hall of the great Palace of Zerzes and formed the supports both internally and externally in the main porch of the Hall of a hundred columns as well as those of the hypotyle hall of Artaxerxes at Susa.' [...] 92): In India on the other hand it should be noted the analogy lies with the human body : the oapital stands for the bead; the shaft for the body the base for the leg and the pedestal for the foot.. [...] The hope of the Kingdom of (;od may be traced hawk throngli the writings of the Jewish scripture to the veiT beginning of the religion of Nrael.



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