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The Calcutta Review an Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) December 1926




From the time of the Upanishads in the East and Plato in the West it has been the task of philosophers to guide the development of the people by formulating ideals and pointing out which of the experiences are to be regarded as central for human life. [...] In the "Order Book "of the Revolution kept in the Division of Manuscript of the Library of Congress Washington D. C.; under the caption "After Orders May 6th 17 78" can be seen in the handwriting of the Commander-in-Chief the details of the celebration which he devised for the occasion. [...] There is nothing in the whole story of French aid to America which redounds more to the glory of Louis XVI than the fact that instead of increasing the taxes and thereby laying the burden of the war on the common people he demanded the enormous sums from the higher clergy. [...] C. and the good of my country do therefore for the letter conducting; the affairs of the Subedari and promoting my honour and interest and that of the Company in the best manner agree that the protecting of the province of 13engal Bihar and Orissa and the force sufficient for that purpose he entirely left to their direction and good management in consideration of their paying. [...] The Nabob Minah Dowla (Reza Khan) who was at the instance of the Governor and gentlemen of the Council appointed Naib of the provinces and invested with the management of affairs in conjuntion with Maharaja Doolub Ram and Jugget Seat shall continue in the same post and with the same authority; and having a perfect confidence in him I moreover agree to let him have the disbursing of the ab



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