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The Calcutta Review An Illustrated Monthly (Third Series) June 1922




lie believes that as long as we continue to decide for him we shall decide in the interests of England and not according to his own wishes ; and he points to the debate in the House of Commons on the differentiation of the cotton excise in support of his contention." The Joint Select Committee appointed by Parliament to consider the Government of India Bill recommended the question of the tariff [...] Ryland Adkins M. P. Representations were made that the terms of the convention recommended by the Joint Select Committee of Parliament on the Government of India Bill of 1919 to the effect that the Government of India acting in agreement with the Legislature should be conceded the same fiscal autonomy as is possessed by the Dominions travelled beyond the intentions of the Government of India Act [...] Tagore in these lectures explains his views on the relations of the Individual to the Universe on the consciouness of the Soul on the problem of Self and of Evil on Selrealisation in Love and in Action on the realisation of the:382 THE k Lcurr A 11 F. V I E AV [.11-NE Beautiful and the Infinite on the conception of a God without form and image a conception contrary to that of the mas [...] Whilst the Hindu persisted in calling the river Sindhu ' whilst the Mahomedan historian and geographer spoke of the river of Sind and its ailments as the Mihran the Aba-Sind or Nil Ab and whilst again the Chinese in obvious imitation spoke of the Sinto'u and Mila'n the European when after the break with classic days his interest was again turned East followed the example of the Greek. [...] With the nineteenth century opens the last chapter in the history of the name Indus.' The passing of Sind under the The earliest instructions given by the East India Company for the exploration of Mt Indus delta (1610 A. D.) refer to the river Sindus or SUMP ; the record of the first vertigo made to Sind by the Company's agents in 1613 alludes to the river 'Linde.1922] TlIN INDUS 389 control of t



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