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The Calcutta Review January 1902




After the death of the great Macedonian the valley of the Upper Oxus was made into the Province of Bactria attached to the Seleukid kingdom of Syria : becoming a distinct realm under Diodotus about 256 B. C. This separation of the satrapy was synchronous with an extension of the Buddhist Empire of Palibothra under Asoka who adopted the Bactrian Alphabet and employed it in one of his famous edi [...] Experience proves the cotrary." A few had gone the length of asserting that " modern melody has not the merit of the ancient and that harmony is used with the view of compensating for its poorne-s and diverting the attention of the audience from perceiving the barrenness of genius." It is remarked by an eminent musician that " the pleasures of harmony though great were monotonous and cou.d [...] We have thus passed in a hurried review the salient charateristics of melody and harmony ; the early birth of the former and the later growth of the latter ; the naturality (so to speak) of melody and the artificiality of harmtny : how harmony found its native soil in Europe and how though it has been transplanted in other soils it could not thrive ; the causes which tended to develop harmon [...] In its aesthetical aspect it makes a Hrect appeal to the sense of hearing resuling in the sensations pleasing to the auditory nerves and the pleasure derived from its affecting the higher emotions of the heart and the various indefinable feelings and yearnings begotten thereof is the most indispensable character of a Raga." The beautiful effects of a Raga are better felt than described. [...] The mel° [The writer may not be aware why ? The Cabbala the Universe of God in the Lord JESUS—the T-nth—the Root of all Science physical (including astionumicai) physiological (including philological and ethngraphic) or Divine—which is imbedded by Moses by Divine Inspiratinn in the Pentateuch and embraces the whole of the Biole to the Book of Revelation contains the answer.—ED.



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