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Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. June 1947




Leafy materials are admittedly among the richest sources of carotene but the main difficulties in recovering the provitamins from them have been (i) the presence of large amounts of water which hinders extraction with organic solvents and (ii) the rapid loss of carotene which invariably follows the drying of fresh plant tissues. [...] the concentration of alkali and the time of boiling exert opposing effects on the eft ciency o removal of chlorphylls and on the extant of destruction of carotene during saponification. [...] In particular the method of direct fortification of edible oils and fats prvides a cheap process which may be readily practised in India with a minimum of equiment and labour total absence if necessary of volatile organic solvents recovery of the main portion of organic plant tissues and prservation of the carotene in the fortified oil by use of stabilizers which also retard the oxid [...] As far as the purchaser is concerned he is principally interested in the writing quality of the pencils the correct grading the wear of the lead the inertness of the pencil marks towards chemical reations the straightness and the whittling quality of the wood. [...] The resistance is noted and the lever L released to return back to the rest position which raises the cup B. The pencil however remains held up between the cups due to the springs at the bottom of the cup A which raises it up simultaneously.


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