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Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research. January 1947




None denies the importance of learning and research but there is still room for the more complete recognition of the fact that the greatest and most vital function of a university is to increase the bounds of human knowledge to be a centre of culture in the broadest sense to be the guardian of fundamental values and to set the standards for its generation. [...] This session of the Congress witnessed the inauguration of three learned societies the Association of Psychiatry the Association of Scientific Workers and the Association of Indian Geographers. [...] Bhuta discussed the plans with Sir Charles Darwin and the staff of the National Physical Laboratory Teddington and the final plans were prepared in the light of the discussions. [...] Of these factors the system of lubrication surface finish of the bearings and the mill alignment were kept of the same order throughout the investgation. [...] The function of the softer particles is to allow the harder particles to adjust themselves to the surface requirements of the journal and to wear down slightly below the surface of the harder particles forming slight depressions on the apparently smooth wearing surface of the bearing in which some of the lubricant is held when the bearing surfaces are brought into contact with each other.


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