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Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research October 1948




Thus previous number of the JOURNAL have once the Department of Scientific & Industrial again emphasized the inadequacy of the Research London has from its earliest days existing services and the need for critical encouraged the provision of information thinking on the ways and means of rservices both in the laboratories which it organizing and rationalizing the publishing controls directly [...] A tone of has been of great service and the extension urgency and earnestness to discover what of its activities by the establishment of a to do " characterized the proceedings of the Division for Intelligence and Publicity is Conference and while the need for continued to be welcomed especially. as one of its research into the uses of scientific literature functions is to improve the liaison [...] 1 presents the mean hourly values of the virtual heights and critical frequencies of the F2 layer and the critical frequency of the E layer in graphical form during the month of July 1948. [...] The corresponding capital cost figures for The economics of synthetic petrol proluthe Fischer-Tropsch process estimated by the tion is of considerable interest to India and the Imperial Defence Committee U. K. based on matter has become a topic of the day with information supplied by Ruhrchemie A. G. the appointment by the Government of India before the war were given as follows : of a Commit [...] and rupture of the film and allow the grains The disappearance of vanadium carbides of austenite to establish contact with each can however be directly correlated with other and grow to the size normal for the the grain growth in vanadium steels but the temperature.


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