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India October 1929




250 extra."Hot and tired after the day's work Only those who have spent a summer on the plains appreciate in full the nerve-trying fatigue of a day's work in the excessive heat and the relief which comes when the sun's ardent rays burn themselves out over the distant horizon. [...] The work and study of four generationThe experience of four generations The result :--f THE NEW MODERN VOIGTLANDER CAMERA. [...] The process of rebuilding and repair is urged forward safely and quickly when " Ovaltine " the delicious Tonic Food Beverage forms the principal item of the dietary. [...] The recommendtions of the Simon Commission are likely to be published early next year and as it would be nothing short of a miracle if that document met with the approval of the dozens of divisions and sub-divisions of Indian political thought His Excellency and his advisers have no machine nor its pilot but rather on the thoroughly bad landing conditions which obtain at Jask. [...] To turn to the lighter side of the matter one or two newspaper pundits seem to have taken rather a confused view of the matter when in commenting on the smalness of the next outgoing mail they attributed it to lack of confidence on the part of the public in this country.



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