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The Journal of the Ganganatha Jha Research Institute November 1944




The study from the former point of view has naturally been confined to the ways and means of the production of the aesthetic object and the latter has been occupied with the psychological process involved in and with the essential nature of the aesthetic experience consequent on the cognition of such an object. [...] For if we take the inference of the basic mental state as the inference of an effect from the cause the situation or as of a cause from the effect the mimetic changes or as of a major term from that which is invariably concomitant with it the inferred mental state would be the real basic mental state and not an imittion of it. [...] In the latter case that is if we admit the rise of basic mental state in the spectator it will mean the condemnation of all tragic presentation for in that case we will have to admit the rise of the tragic feeling of sorrow in the spectator. [...] Arid the resultant subjective state is according to him a state of perfect rest of the self within itself because of the prdominance of the quality of Sattva and total relegation into the background of the qualities of Rajas and Tamas. [...] 3. libojakatva the power which throws the two qualities of the percipient of the aesthetic object namely Rajas and Tamas into the background and brings the Sattva to the forefront.



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