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The Kalpaka - India’s Only Psychic and Spiritual Review October 1926




The proud of birth and the proud of parse are blind to the beauty of the Lord of Love It is the poor in spirit who understand.426 THE KALPAKA A dog waited outside the humble birth place of Jesus to do Him reverence. [...] The killing sanctioned in the Gita though it might have been the killing of passion or killing the Dharma of the Kshatriya has been used to 'auction the killing involved in latter day Yaj❑as a killing very repugnant to the Indians of the period of the Renascence. [...] Of the 'Isms' we find vary strong traces of Jainism in the Gita e. g. the use of Sidhi the Jain term for the Hindu Mckshs yarns Sankara that color and killing are the cause of the fool's fall in Jainism as in the Arjuna Vishada there is the same toleration of current views as in the 8yed Vads of Jainism as is conveyed by the phrases achyalai nbhavapi etc. [...] LPAKA scendence of God the Alla of the Muslim the Vindictive God of the Jews the Karma doctrine of the Jains the spculations of many ages of Hindu thought on life after death the Budhist theory of tranmi tration all have been conjoined together in a diagrIm to which the name dindnism is attched but which remains after all a relic of the ancient Jainism or religion of Ahimsa. [...] Of these laws) the law 483"440 THE KALPAKA of vivacity or the secret of keeping gay is herein being dicussed with the view of disseminating at least a few of the principles observed in colt.vating a forceful dynamic pescnality full of power fall of beaming intelligence full of fire and vigor of youth fall of possession of the richest of Nature's gifts.


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