The Journal of Oriental Research  Madras  December 1949
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The Journal of Oriental Research Madras December 1949




These verses describe (a) the breaking open by means of spells (of truth) of the cave-prison by Indra (b) the apperance of the Dawn the sun and of the rivers and (c) the propping up of the sky. [...] p. 282) the shatteing of the cave imprisoning the cows the delivery of the cows Waters or rivers and the Dawns the winning of light (or causing the sun to appear in the sky) and the propping up of the earth and the sky all form part of the same exploit peformed by the Angirases Indra Brhaspati Agni and others. [...] These verses refer to the freeing by the Angirases Brhaspati and others of the cows and the rivers (or waters) imprisoned in the mountain cave and the propping up of the earth. [...] In the former we come across a comprehensive list of the roots in the spoken language of ninini's time including the northern and the eastern divisions of the country as well as the many dilectical regions corresponding to the areas of modern Indian languages which have inherited substantially the roots listed by Parini. [...] Yuan Chuang's reference to Panini's visit to the court of the king and to the latter's approval of the Ashtadhyayi is corroborated more explicitly in the account of the MafijuSrimfilkalpa Somadeva and Taranatha who relate the story of Panini's friendship with the Nanda emperor arising out of the former's mission to the celebrated capital of Pataliputra where in the Great Synod (rajasabha) P

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