The Journal of Oriental Research  June 1948
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The Journal of Oriental Research June 1948




SMA 197 This verse is addressed to Pavamana Soma the sound made by whom is often compared by RV poets to the neighing of a horse to the roaring of a bull to the lowing of calves to the roar of the Maruts and Brhaspati and to the sound of rain i 1 and thunder. [...] Grassmann as 'sharpen the tip of the arrow' and Ludwig as 'accelerate the beating of the Soma-shoot [of the sharpness of the reed]'. [...] Such being the case the use of the present tense in the sense of the historic past or historic pres as noticed by the learned editor is non-existent in the Tumain inscription. [...] The inscription records the grant of one-half of a village called Valigrdma situated in the Varttani vishaya forming part of the Jhadakhanda deSa in favour of a Brähniana by a king named Ark6vara who was the son of Pramddi and grandson of Paramabhattäraka Gunarrtaya described as a member of the Ganga family and as a devotee of Mahegvara (Siva). [...] The date of the charter as given at the end of the record is the year 4248 or 4318 of the Yugdbda i.e.

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