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Indian Farming January-February 1951




RA J END R A PR ASA D President of the Indian Republic addressing a joint session of t he annual meeting of the Go vernirg Body of the Indian Council of Agricilltural Research and the Convocation of the Indan Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi on February 5 1951. [...] Bearing these in mind any rsearch which helps us to increase the production of food is of the highest value to us; and whatever the line of research may be—whether it is agricultural engneering soil-chemistry improvement in the quality and breed of plants or prevention 4n4 destruction of pests—you have to bear these fundamental limitations of the application of the results of research. [...] cent article Datar Singli4 has stated that although India possesses one-third of the total cattle population of the world the yield of the milk per cow in India is only of the order of 700 lb. [...] as the `seed of known superior heredity and quality verified by and traceable -through the periodic inspection and records of an impartial and officially recognized agency': Most of the advanced countries have dveloped quite efficient and elaborate seetesting organisations through the help of scientists the respective governments the seed merchants and the farmers and prmulgated laws p [...] The percentages of seeds of different catgories calculated on the basis of total number of seeds and of total weight of the sample are given in the Table the small letter a h c d e f g it representing the different groups.


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