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Indian Farming October 1950




It has been estimated that from the point of view of soil management practices one third of the total yield of crops can be credited to the cultivation of. soil one third to the use of manures and fertilzers and the remaining one third to rottion. [...] A study of the distribution of crops and the practices of mixed cropping in vogue will help to determine the compatible mixtures and the respective proportions of their consttuents. [...] Investigations into bilogical processes particularly activities of nitrogen fixing organisms the effects of legumes on the moisture and the nitrgenous status of the soil and the availablity of mineral nutrients especially phophates in different soils would be of great 'value for a better understanding of the problems of soil fertility maintenance. [...] Side by side with the study of their effects on the yield of crops investigations also need to be carried out on the quality of the crops and also the effects produced on the physcal chemical and biological properties of the soil types to ascertain how far the fertility of the soil is affected. [...] With the extension of the canal which is now in progress in the later zone the area under maize there is likely to be almost trebled in the course of the next five years.


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