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Indian Farming July 1950




Thus with uncertain figures for both population and internal production all that can be said in favour of the calculation of the deficit by the end of 1951 is that it should be taken to incthate the order of magnitude of the problem rather than a meticulously exact estimate of the deficiency. [...] The year 1929 in which the Indian Coucil of Agricultural Research was establised is an important landmark in the history of the development of veterinary science in India because of the striking part played by the Council in accordance to this subject the recognition it dserves and in the initiative taken in the promotion guidance and coordination of research and development. [...] The Superintedents or the Heads of the Veterinary Departments were under the control of the Directors of Agriculture till about the year 1929 when the activities of the Veterinary Departments were confined mostly to the prevention and cure of diseases. [...] They therefore recommended that in the dicharge of their ultimate responsibility for the welfare of the vast agricultural popultion of India the Government of India should provide means for the advancement of research in every way possible without encroaching upon the functions of the provincial Governments. [...] The posts of Disease Investigation Officers had been in existence since the establishment of the Indian Coucil of Agricultural Research on a temporary basis and financed from the research funds of the Council.


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