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Indian Farming February 1950




Careful and proper planning and honest and concerted efforts of all concerned to provide the wherewithals necessary coupled with the harnessing of the forces of Nature and exploiting the resources of Science are bound to result in larger production of cane and sugar in the Indian Union. [...] The Sugarcane Technical Committee set up by the Ministry of Agriculture is inquiring into the cost of production of cane in different parts of the country reviewing the progress of cane research and development and is expected to suggest ways and means to achieve quicker results in increasing the yield of cane per acre and sugar content of the cane to ultmately reduce the cost of production of [...] A new feature of the present meeting is the functioning of the Standing Scientific Sub-Committee consisting of experts who have critically scrutinized all the annual progress reports and technical programmes of the current sugarcane schemes and have submitted their recommendations for the consideration of the Agricultural Research SuCommittee and the General Body. [...] One of the main causes of the postponment of the date of this meeting from August to November is the non-receipt of the annual progress reports etc. [...] These technicians who are either agricultural graduates or sufficiently trained hands maintain the liaison between the farmers and the experimental stations passing the results of research to the farmers and bringing to the notice of the research stations the problems of the farmers for investigation.


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