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Indian Farming November 1949




After all whatever might be the price whicf you may work out for the bone-meal on the basis of the price of crushed bone as well as the cost of manufature the bone-meal is required by the agricuturists and if the agriculturist finds that the price which he has to pay for the bone-meal is not low enough for him and it has no reltionship to the value of the extra produce which he receive [...] If the crop is to be transplanted the seed rate in such cases has to be high because there is a great deal of pre-emergence rot of the seed and of seedlings due to ' damping off ' or ' seedling blight '. That is because the seed of some of the cereal crops carry with them spores of parasitic fungi or such spores may lie in the soil and attack the kernels and the young seedlings as they emerge out [...] HIGH Cost of treatment The cost of seed treatment varies with the cost of the material the rate of application per inaund and the seed rate per acre. [...] Important viruses Work on the virus diseases of potatoes has been in progress in the Division of Mycology and Plant Pathology of the Indian Agricutural Research Institute New Delhi for the last eight years but had received little attention in India during the earlier past and the information as regards the occurrence of viruses in the commercial Indian varieties was meagre. [...] Inferior quality of food faulty feeding faulty weaning exposure to cold after shearing complete changes of living conditions as in change of location transfer to another herd unfavourable weather and inbreeding are some of the factors that lower the resistance of the susceptible animals and thus promote the rapid multiplication of coccidia in the walls of the intestine.


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