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Indian Farming April 1944




The absence of response in yield may be due to lack of capacity of the variety used to 1( a( t in this way to higher doses of available phophate and the selection of varieties for their capacity to react may be necessary to obtain types of the highest efficiency from the points of view under consideration. [...] The calcium-phosphate composition of four cuttings taken in the normal course of the growth of the berseem crop showed a decrease in the phosphate (P205) but an increase in the calcium (Ca0) content in the fourth or last cutting taken in April. [...] Another precaution necessary in the case of stocking pond is to make suitable provision 1 The object of writing these articles is to invite suggestions and criticism with a view to codifying the existing information for the benefit of pisciculturists in India and for the proper dvelopment of the vast inland fishery resources of the country. [...] It must therefore be conceded that both the form and shape of the yoke and the weight and balance of the load play the most crucial parts in the role of prevention of yoke galls in working bullocks. [...] Prevention of yoke injuries The simple and easy methods given below of prevention of these injuries should enable the owner in time to appreciate their value and put them into practice : (1) The form and structure of the yoke must be such as to distribute the weight and p-esure evenly not only on the dorsal but on the lateral aspects of the neck.


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