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Indian Farming January 1943




That this interest is shared by all from the highest authorities in the land down to the humblest field worker was demonstrated by the attendance at the meeting on three separate occasions once accompanied by another member of His Excellency the Governor-General's Council in the person of the Hon'ble Member for Labour of the Hon'ble Sir Jogendra Singh Member for Education Health and Lands wh [...] The importance of the personality and equipment of the propagandist the organization of farmers' weeks in livestock farms the introduction of textbooks in schools with a bias towards animal husbandry the introduction of business post cards for reporting the outbreak of animal diseases were all stressed and recommended. [...] The Gurgaon Experiment What has the management made of the men the land and the bounty of nature '? The inspiration came from Mr F. L. Brayne 17 years ago when he was Deputy Commissioner of the Gurgaon district which includes the Palwa l tehsil where the Estate is situated. [...] The Estate gave the land for the buildings free the cost of the boarding house for the middle school four acres of land for a school farm and the cost of the buildings for three of the primary schools and for the girls' schools. [...] The panchayat arranges for the night guards for the village an essential matter in the riverain tract of the Jumna and the borders of the province where cattle-lifting is common.


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