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Indian Farming February 1941




Punjab experiment The Director of Agriculture Punjab iformed the Imperial Council of Agricultural Research in March 1940 that it had been decided to rent one acre of land in the Kulu Valley and a similar area in Murree in order to grow pyrethrum with the object of collecing data as to the economics of its cultivation and on the basis of the information so colected to formulate a policy [...] For controlling the worms in the intestines of sheep which very seriously affect the health of these animals the usual practice adopted at the farm is to dose the animals monthly with the following solution : Copper sulphate. 4 ounces Powdered mustard. 4 Water up to 3 gallons RESEAROH IN INDIA 63 The dose is two to four ounces according to the size and age of the animal. [...] In Mysore special studies will be undertaken on the relation of feed to quantity and quality of wool the relation of age to wool prodution the effect of lamshearing on subsequent production and quality and the effect of one lamb a year against two lambs a year on the constitution longevity and wool production of the mother and progeny. [...] The incidence and development of the disease depends on the conditions of the weather. [...] In view of the conservative habits of the farmers of the tract these circumstances were however anticipated and the alternative ufailing method of controlling the disease by resistant types was borne in mind.


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