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Indian Farming December 1947




The division of India has to a certain extent affected the activities of the Indian Central Sugarcane Committee and has limited its future activities within the jurisdiction of the Dominion of India and in some of the States acceding to it. [...] question of the division of assets and liabilities of the Committee between the Dominions of India and Pakistan is still under the consideration of the Partition Committee and if that Committee finally decides to hand over a part of the assets and liabilities of the Indian Central Sugarcane Committee to the Dominion of Pakistan the matter will be brought up for your consideration in the next mee [...] It also decided to wind up the affairs of the Committee the Dominion of Pakistan with effect from the same date and to request the Government of Pakistan to make over to the Committee whatever assets of the Committee that might be lying in that Dominion purchased out of the Commitee's previous contributions. [...] Of has been observed that even this small percentage of cane does not reach the factories one of the reasons being the diversion of some cane from the limited factory areas for the manufacture of gur and khandsari sugar because of the higher prices that these commodities of ten fetch due to the difficulties in the procurement of sugar under controlled conditions. [...] the nest and the belly are of the same size; the limbs are short and slender and conform to the body.


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