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Indian Farming August 1947




The production targets mentioned above will no doubt have to be modified on account of the change in the political map of the country but it is indicative of the glaring shortage of all principal food constituents and specially of those which belong to the category of protective foods. [...] For it is on the interdependence of the scientist in the laboratory and practical farmer in the field that the future hope of agriculture in this country lies. [...] The tri-colour was hoisted on the heaquarters of the Indian Council of Agricutural Research by the Minister of Food and Agriculture Hon'ble Dr Rajendra Prasad on the morning of August 15 bfore a gathering of staff and officers of the Council. [...] Early transplanting Before the inception of the Lloyd Barrage and Canals System the comencement and the duration of the tranplanting season depended on the character of the inundation season. [...] The rearing of the fish in the fields is said to improve the produce of the paddy since the fish destroy many insects injurious to the plant'.


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