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Indian Farming March 1943




The most obvious loss is of course the death of the calf; and this is a matter of grave concern to the stock-roarer and to the dairy farmer who by methods of selective breeding is building up a herd of prime milkers. [...] According to Mackenzie Taylor with the completion of the Kalabagh weir on the Indus the whole of the available supplies of water in the Punjab rivers will be used for irrigation. [...] Now the retention of this water over the land for a period of six weeks permits of the thorough saturation of the subsoil in places where the subsoil is of proper consistency ; and this water can be drawn on in winter and summer for maturing certain crops and growing others... [...] The graphs show the extent to which the area sown and the success or failure of the rabi crops are decided by the nature of the rainfall in September. [...] The failure of the September rains (1 in.) however resulted not only in the failure of 32.4 per cent of this sown area but also in a reduction in the acreage of the following rabi crop i.e.


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