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Indian Farming February 1943




The condition of the soil and the health of the plants hoever are not likely to suffer unless poorly decomposed manure from vegetable residues is applied in this state too near the actual sowing time of the crop. [...] Further developments were the opening of the Technological Laboratory at Matunga (Bombay) in 1924 and the starting of the Institute of Plant Industry Indoro at the same time. [...] While Vice-Chairman of the I C A R he was ex-officio Chairman of the Indian Central Cotton Committee the Indian Central Jute Committee the Lac Cess Committee and both wings of the reconstituted Board of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. [...] Agricultural Commissioner with the Government of India 0 NE of the effects of the war has been to interrupt the supply of vegetable seeds to India. [...] The worst enemy of all these crops is the aphis a small sucking insect which takes the juice out of the leaves and may cause a failure of the seed crop.


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