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Indian Farming August 1942




SCIENCE A Monthly Journal of Science devoted to a survey of. the developments in the fields of Pure and Applied Sciences Published with the Editorial Co-operation of Prominent Scientists in India CONTENTS Editorial Articles--Science in relation to public affairs. [...] Mr Kanitkar was born in 1887 and in 1909 obtained the Degree of Bachelor of Agriculture of the Bombay University in the first group of students from the Poona College of Agriculture to obtain that newly created degree. [...] in 1909 he joined the Bombay Agricultural Deparment in the Chemistry Section as a Junior Laboratory Assistant to Dr H. H. Mann who was then the Agricultural Chemist to the Government of Bombay and Principal of the Poona College of Agriculture. [...] The subsidising of dry farming research by le Imperial Council of Agricultural Research permitted of the opening of dry farming research stations at Sholapur and Bijapur in the Bombay Presidency—the first in an area of compartively shallow soil and the second in an area of deep black cotton soil—in both of which valuable and interesting work has been carried out under Mr Sanitkar's direct guida [...] The numbers of cattle remain high : there has been some fall in the number of sheep pigs and poultry though it will not be difficult to restore these after the war ; pigs and poultry in particular multiply very rapidly and the popular sheep of today are the prolific Border-Leicesters which are usually crossed with a Southdown ram or an Oxford or Hampshiredown to give the type of lamb wanted for


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