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Indian Farming December 1941




The warmth from the sun in presence of necessary moisture starts the mechanism hidden in the dormant embryo which is the life centre of the seed and provides the necessary temperature for the enzymes or digestive ferments in the embryo to function and to prepare the food stored in the endosperm or the seed storehouse. [...] The oxygen is needed for the plant's own respiration and also for the maintenance of the necessary life in the soil on whose activity the root system and consequently the life of the plant depends. [...] Life is movement and movement not of a portion but of the whole of the constituents of the living system—the soil the air and the water feeding the plant must be in movement. [...] The report of the second committee met with much the same fate as that of the first and the outcome of the prolonged discussions which have taken place in the Animal Breeing Committee of the Council is that included under the name of Tharparkar are two different types of animals. [...] The colour of the skin is black except on the udder under the belly on the lower part of the dewlap and inside the ears where it is rich yellow.


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