Journal of the Indian Medical Association  March 1953
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Journal of the Indian Medical Association March 1953




THE MECHANISM OF DILATATION The size of the pupils depends on the activity of the iris. [...] In the first group of supra and infratentorial tumours the dilatation of pupils was for most of the cases secondary to post-papillcedemic atrophy thereby damaging the sensory arc of the light reflex in addition to fibres of light perception. [...] In the case of cerebral haemorrhage the dilatation of the pupil was due to the blood permeating in the subthalamic region. [...] 3—SERU1f CHOLESTEROL IN ANEMIA IN PREGNANCY DURING THE LAST TRIMESTER To summarise there is a very much significant fall in the value of total cholesterol more so in the macrcytic group which is caused by significantly greater fall in the value of its ester fraction than in the value of its free component and the ratio of free to total cholestrol is increased to 046 in both the groups com [...] The lowering of the blood calcium in the present macrocytic group may either indicate a gross deficiency of calcium supply and with it the extrinsic factor supplied through diets or in absence of such deficiencies in either of them the effect may be due to the usual appreciable lowering of the gastric acid-VOL.

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