The Aryan Path  February  1953
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The Aryan Path February 1953




The invetion of the printing-press played its part in stimulating the growth and spread of the English language ; and the popularity of English literature and especially the phenomenal growth of the drama and the novel brought about a blend of the siplicities of rural speech and the rfinements of urban speech. [...] The romance of the Covered Wagon the deceptive promise of the Big Trail and the irresistible appeal of the great open spaces have all disolved leaving an existence precarously balanced between the tyranny of the time-sheet and the emptiness of mass entertainment. [...] To quicken these the educationist must draw upon the intuitions of the poets and the artists the lives of the great servants of humanity the insights of the prophets of all lands and times and the values and the ethics they have taught. [...] In the process of understanding the Universe as a whole the highest flights of the speculative intellect may result in the summing up of the experience of a whole people in a deep and comprehensive intuition and the reality of the Universe may appear as a unique experience. [...] Delacroix observes :— The soul of the mystic has a richness of intuition and of action which somtimes goes to the extent of delirium ; but the power of adaptation to life and the intelligence which stands back of the intuition distinguish the ordeing of the mystic life from that of the really delirious.?

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