The Aryan Path  October 1952
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The Aryan Path October 1952




Of these some"1952 THE STUDY OR MODERN ARABIC 441 150 000 are treasured in the many mosques of Istanbul and there are large collections in Egypt in Iran and in India ; for instance the colletions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal and the Asafiyah Library Hyderabad and the magnificent collections of the Nawabs of Rampur. [...] The gradual triumph of the poetic impulse over the restrictions imposed on the settlers by the new conditions of life in the ancient southern continent has its parallel in North America where the authentic note of genius was heard only after a long period of readjustment to the environment. [...] “ The people of India ” he declared “ must understand and practise these principles to the advantage of makind.” HISTORY AND TENETS OF THE WALDENSES [This study of the beliefs and vicissitudes of the Waldenses complements interestingly the study of their co-sufferers under persecution which M. M. A. Moyal contributed to our pages in December 1948 under the title; History and Tenets of the Alb [...] These champions of the freedom of conscience in the face of Rome's absolutism were butchered like wild beasts and burnt at the stake in gigantic autos-dale (" acts of faith" —what irony ! ). Their pitiless pesecution at the hands of the Inquistion constitutes one of the darkest blots on the record of the Roman Catholic Church. [...] The light of the candles rising from the empty altar could not penetrate the roof to show the way ; the walls were hung with pictures but none of these was the reflection of the One I sought ; none of the emblems and ceremonial articles which inspire reverence in a congregation had any way-pointing message for me.

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