The Aryan Path  April 1950
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The Aryan Path April 1950




The advocates of the Hindu ideal of marriage urge that the full value of such a vision of marriage and home life of perfect partnership in body mind and spirit resulting in a real fusion of personality and soul between lovers through young life and love's play to the responsibilties of a family and the upbringing of children educating the boys for self-supporting occupations and arangin [...] Marriage is thought of as a field for the realization of life rising from the stability of the sex relation to sharing in the values of the spiritual life which emerge in forms of unity unity of the body of the souls of the family ; and oveflow into society and nation and nature. [...] But the stress is on the indissolubility of the union once it is entered into with the insistent overtone that the normal union of persons of opposite sexes of the right age and with similar cultural standards derived from families with a similar psychological atmosphere will in the vast majority optcoties lead to the development of all the love and attachment necesary to furnish the basis [...] Sex is important and man and woman should use it as a vehicle of returning the debts of nature and nurture the three sacrifices ( to the devas to the pars or forefathers and to the rshis or teachers of the race ). We pay the three debts to them by maintaining health and strength by rearing children and by passing on the torch of culture. [...] We know not why the Unmanfest from time to time is manifest but even the Theravada Canon speaks of the xonic " unrolling and rolling up " of the world and of " the destruction and renewal of aeons " while The Secret Doctrine speaks of the universe as " the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing " and I The Secret Doctrine.

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