The Aryan Path  February 1948
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The Aryan Path February 1948




His compromises were not those of the politician and the diplomat the trader or the begar but of the saint of tolerance and the wise man of insight. [...] Religion-as-Revelation holds that the existence of Religion in the world and therefore the possibility of the attainment of Salvation or Emancipation by man is ultimately dependent on the Object the Other and that the initiative in the matter belongs wholly to It or Him. [...] Even if the end is to use that money for the good of the people and to meet the cost of amenities for them is the means by which it is gained of no concern to the State ? Gandhiji continually taught us that the means must justify the end. [...] But when the idea is a false one when the Whole is anything less than the Spirit of Love Truth and Gooness or the one true God the end of such submission is calamity the calamity in this case of the termtary or the hive : the building up of an immense Tower of Babel on material premises which are liable at any time to be disintegrated in an instant by " the breath of God " the Word of [...] Our work is to sow the seed and water the soil and leave the rest in His hands."" CULTURES AND CULTURE In declaring that international understanding depends on a knowledge of the relations of cultures " the Comittee on the Comparative Study of Cultures which met at Paris in miNovember under the wgis of Unesco and the Chairmanship of Dean N. K. Sidhanta of Lucknow University eched the

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