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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society July 1943


In recognition of his distinguished services to the State the title of Rajakaryapravina ' of the Gandbherunda Order was conferred on him by His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore. [...] Subba Rao is best remembered however —and that is the end and aim of all teachers—by successive generations of students who came into contact with him in the school room in the study and elsewherj and who have been benefited by his strict discipline ardent sympathy and helpful and understanding advice and guidance or his benevolence and charity. [...] The author of this work was the regent during the minority of the son who was named Amba and constructed S'rividyanagara on the plan of the S'ricakra. [...] But Atiubhinsvarilpa condemns this view as that of a man who was ignorant of both vyiivahiirika and tattva drvis and only interested in the Agorship of Traipura and Salagrama or in understanding the usage of mantras of TraipurameArka but really turning away from Brahma Vidya. [...] The identity of the famous Vidyaranya known as the founder of the Empire of Vijayanagra' with Madhavrtcarya and his relation to Vidyas'arhkara Kriya6akti Msdhavamantrin etc.
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Rajakaryapravina N.S Subba Rao
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Iconography of Sri Vidyarnava Tantra
1-18 S. Sastri view
Symbolism in the Indian Art
19-36 P. Rao view
Religion of the Veda
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Nyaya Bhaskara of Anantarya
49-56 unknown view
The Story of the Asuras
57-67 N.K. Pantulu view
Southindian Fasts and Festivities
68-73 L.K. Balaratnam view
Studies in Plant Myth-New Series No. VIII on the Kharra Rite for “Marrying” or Sanctifying Ftuit-trees
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Additions to the Library
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Subscriptions Received
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