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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society October 1942 & January 1943




The Date of the Cola Conquest of the Barta Country 196-200 VENKATESAM PANTULU M. A L. T.: RAO SAHEB N. K.— The Story of the Asuras 312-328 VISWANATHA : S. V.— The Three sons of Mahasudevaraja of S'arabhapura (Correspondence) 251-252 REVIEWS Aborgines in India : The Problem of— By A. V. Thakkar--S. [...] 174-195 The Date of the Cola Conquest of the Bana Country By K. S. VAIDYANATHAN B. A. 196-200 The Thiruvatirai Festival of Malabar By L. K. BALARATNAm... [...] R. S. Panchamukhi Director of Kannada Research visited the Society on the 6th of April 1942 and expressed his appreciation of the work which the Society has been doing in the cause of Indology. [...] The Indian Red Cross Society Mysore State Branch : the Universal Buddha Society : The University Tamil Sangam and the Society for the Promotion of Kindness to Animals held their meetings in the premises of the Mythic Society. [...] We beg to express our deep debt of gratitude to His Highness the Maharaja of Mysore the Government of His Highness the Mahärdja of Mysore the Government of India and to the Hon'ble the Resident in Mysore who has also been pleased to become one of our Honorary Presidents for their continued sympathy and support.


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