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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (New Series) July 1933




The former work was the basis for the commentary of Sankara on the Brahma Sutras according to the tradition prevailing in the South. [...] The first refers to zi-c:741T and the other raises the objection agalipene Single Soul that it cannot account for the divers4 in the world. [...] In the Sutlapitaka of the Hinayana the Ätmavada is condemned as one of the heresies It cannot be said that the Vedanta was not the victim of these polemics. [...] Its first principle is the unity of the Self and the Brahma.''* During the first half of the eighth century A. D. flourished Shantarakshita the last great Buddhist thinker who took a review of all the then philosophical schools in India in his magnum opus called Tattvasangraha. [...] OTHER VERB-ENDINGS (i) The present adverbial participle of the popular dialect does not ordinarily show the old druta ti the endings being -tit and -tit ; but the compensatory lengthening of the final vowel in -tit is significant in as much as it marks the loss of old n."24 (ii) The emphatic form of the participle (formed with the particle -6) shows the old -n : sncinamu cdsta-n-é nato mcitlacli


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