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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (Third Series) January 1932




I am inclined to consider that in view of this rarity and further in view of the fact cannot arise by palatalization before the back vowels -Ior -the original change should have been fricatization of > as represented in the sudialects and the further change of this in a few rare and.extremely corrupt" forms of speech to under the influence initial of common words with c-. [...] Even with the help of the Karika and the Bhashya only a few at the present day can be said to have mastered the truths inculcated in the Mandookya Upanishad. [...] the apology for the use of a foreign language in the attempt to popularise Advaitic truths expounded in the Upanishad the Karika and the Bhashya. [...] It is hoped that the opinions of some of the western philosophers quoted and the few observations thereon will elucidate the teachings of the Upanishad. [...] The physical body the mind the senses and the objects are different to the two egos.


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