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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (Third Series) October 1931




The perception of the sun is dependent on the eyes ; the perception of the eyes is dependent on the mind the peception of the mind on the Atman ; but this perception doe's not depend upon anything else. [...] Hence it follows that Vig va the presider over the waking state is aware neither of the dream state nor of the state of deep sleep ; that Taijasa the presider over the dream state is aware neither of the waking state nor of the state of deep sleep ; and that Prägna the presider over deep sleep is not aware of the other two states. [...] Hence he alone is the meaning of the word I ". Atman called the Sa.4in hoever presides over each of the three states and enables Viva to know the objects of the waking state ; Taijasa to know the fanciful world of the dream state ; and Pragna the dark bliss of the state of deep sleep. [...] Just as the sky and the atmosphere convey the waves of light and sound only to a limited place around where a light is kept or a drum is struck though the sky and the atmosphere are pervading the whole universe so though the Atman is one and omnipresent the knowledge which the intellect and the mind arouse in the light of the Atman is confined to that body and those things with which they are a [...] The architecture of the temple is of the same style and age as that of the temple in the town of Tirupati.


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