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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (Third Series) July 1931




The practice of Kalavu was rendered easy particularl}; among the inhabitants of Pi-dal Kurinji and Mullai regions ; but in the fertile region of Marittant and the sea-board region of Neytal the prevailing form of marrage was of the Karpu variety. [...] The physi - cal conditions of each of the five regions and the occupation and general mode of life of the people there have 'supplied to the pbets and grammarians the' special subjective state or siftiatiOn of the lovers. 'or motif '(Urifi-parttl)- Appropriate-tO"9 each of these regional divisions. [...] (Knrigji 5.) 1. Sing we my friend of the lord of the forest ! Seated aloft on a machan suspended From the äsin ii tree on the high hill he hurls Stones with the sling when he hears the dull foot-fall Of the elephants both bull and cow which in herds Roam and destroy the produce of the forest During day screened by the dark and dense rain Pierced by erratical lightning and thunder ! [pour 2. [...] " The discipline of milk ! The discipline of the cream of milk ! And when cream is over the discipline of rice and ghee; of butter and of sugar ; I have seen these but not the man whose discipline is of gruel. [...] " To the Maraiya and Biraiya the sky-wanderer and the village-trotter and Antara and Bentara and Kantara and Malaiya and Ketaiya who dwell in the barren hillocks and on the wayside in the wells and tanks and in the flowering shrubs and trees in the midst of the village and in the squares of towns and in the large banyan tree ; and who want gifts of milch buffaloes and little calves ; and who g


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