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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (Second Series) April 1930




This place seems to be identical with the Kumara-Ramana-Kummata of the maps the latter name being strictly applicable to the hill-fort while Hosa Kummata is the name applied to the town below. [...] If this be so it was here that the greatest slaughter of the Delhi forces took place the garrison offering267 it the stoutest resistance at the time of the last siege of the fort.* Front this place the regular ascent to the hill begins. [...] This was the Rai's last place of refuge where according to the Hindu Mussalman and Portuguese accounts the royal household spent some of its last anxious hours as the tide of battle ebbed and flowed at the bottom of the hill. [...] From this position looking towards the south and the east we see in the distance amidst the opening of the hills sheets of water of the Tungabhadra and its green cultivated banks. [...] Historians attaching greater value to the dicovery of the coins state that Gudnaphar and Gondophares are metathetical forms of one and the same name : that Gondophares of the coin was Gudnaphar of the Christian tradition : that Gudnaphar was a non-Indian king of the N.-W.: that Mazdai was probably a N. Indiap monarch : that the Saint did not visit S. India and that the Church of San Thome there


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