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The Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society (Second Series) Memorial Number




I have read the addresses by Father Tabard at the Annual Meetings of the Society for the last two years and I am much struck by his love of Mysore and its tradtions and his appreciation of the magnificent relics of the bygone times found in the country. [...] The greatest testimony to his influence and work in the affairs of the Society is to he10 found in the fact that those who worked heartily with him and threw their heart and soul into the work feel stunned by the calamity of his removal and count the loss heavy in regard to its future. [...] The respect that the Society now commands in South India its present rank among the learned societies of the world its affiliation to the Royal Asiatic Society the magnificent building the valuable library and the large funds it now possesses and the inclusion of learned scholars among its members are all due to the venerable old mart 11 He-fostered the Society with paternal—nay maternal—care [...] The young children of the family the newly married couple the very cows in the shed the bird in the cage the vegetables and flowers in the garden and the-milk boiling in the kitchen the houses under construction—all these and a number of others have to be protected against the influences of the evil-eyed. [...] Among very good * It is a common experience in the Karnataka country also.—Ed.16 omens the following are recognizethe braying of a donkey the sound of the Vedas the neighing of a horse or the sight of a corpse.


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