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The Journal of the National Indian Association in Aid of Social Progress and Female Education in India September 1883




Beginning with the Law of Evidence he proposed to next investigate the Priciples of Hindu and Mussulman Law ; then to deal with some of the principal topics of the Mercantile Law of England ; and afterwards to pass on to the Principles of Criminal Law the Civil Procedure of the Mofussil Courts and Pleading ; concluding the whole course with a series of lectures on General Jurisprudence and Po [...] George Norton to whom the Natives owe an unspeakable debt of gratitude) the cause of purely secular Native Eduction together with the introduction of other principles which appeared to me essential for the welfare of the Natives through evil and good report and far more of the forme than the latter to my own great personal loss and sorrow and to the estrangement of old friendships." There [...] Day says " the swarthy and halnaked peasant on the banks of the Ganges is a cousin albeit of the hundredth remove to the faiskinned and well-dressed Englishman on the banks of the Thames." But there is a tone and colour in these stories so far removed from what comes home to those nourished on the legends the poetry and the ethics of Europe and Western"532 JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL INDIAN [...] The Two Thieves and their Sons the tales of Bramans and ghosts and of the Hatch-making Jackal are istances of the two first kinds ; and the Field of Dead Bones recalling the sublime vision of Ezekiel though spoiled by the intrusion of the monstrous man-devouring Rakshasas has a touch of weird poetry in it. [...] So also has that picture in the tale of The Man who wished to be Perfect of the skulls in the temple niches laughing a ghastly laugh for joy at another skull being added to their number ; and the description of a deserted city of the dead in the Field of Dead Bones is as vivid as that in one of the tales of the Arabian 1171;qhts' Entertainment.


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