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The Journal of the National Indian Association in Aid of Social Progress and Female Education in India March 1883




121 to be raised their rates the mode of collection the remissions to be granted the hearing of appeals in regard to these matters the passing of the Budget of receipts and expendture the sanction of estimates for individual works and even the manner of carrying out the works including the disposal of contracts and generally the initiation and direction of all administrative measures b [...] The paper was sufficiently moderate in tone and although it cotained some startling assertions the accuracy of which was somewhat warmly disputed in the discussion that followed yet it indicated pretty clearly many of the difficulties which lie in the way of the intercourse which appears to be so much desired and which is so desirable in the interests of both races of the governors and the [...] Dadysett returns to the main subject of the evening and proceeds to show some of the difficulties which stand in the way of social intercourse between the English and all other classes of natives except the Parsee :— " Caste feelings and caste prejudices (he says) will always be a stumbling-block in the way of the Hindus of India. [...] He entirely agreed with the lecturer that the stability of the Empire lay in the contentment and happiness of the people and that these would be most effectually secured by reduction of military expenditure extension of reproductive public works improvment in the condition of the ryots extension of education; and other reforms indicated in the paper. [...] " Nothing can be imagined more fantastic than the myriad domes and pinnacles spires and kiosks that rise from the top of these buildings in every direction and stand in bold and beautiful relief against the deep blue of the sky and the vistas that are opened up when one passes to the entrance to some of the narrow streets leading into the heart of the city show that there is no end to the profus


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