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It is recognised that steam-distilled ssential oils never contain all of the perfume constituents present in the plant or the wood and in the same proportion so that the odour of the oil recovered by this method is always different from that of the natural perfume in the plant. [...] The products obtained in the case of the essential oils like the oil of roses and even sandalwood oil have shown that a more representative oil in the flower or the wood is obtained by the solvent extraction method than by the steam distillation process. [...] The most important aspect however in the winning of sandalwood oil by the solvent extraction process using ethyl alcohol consists in the working out of a suitable method for the recovery of the oil from the oleo-resin. [...] The quality of the oil obtained as can be seen from Table I is much superior to that obtained by the steam distillation of the wood while the yield of the oil would also be at least as good as in the case of the existing method. [...] One of the early difficulties encountered was the tendency of the dried or semi-dried sludge to adhere to the fibres of the mat with cosequent detriment to the efficiency and life of the mat.


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