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Teaching A Quarterly Technical Journal for Teachers March 1933




the complete subordination of the schools to the State and the deliberate endeavour to reconstruct society on clearly planned lines through propaganda of the views favoured by the rulers on the one hand and rigorous suppression of all opposing views on the other. [...] Assuming from the above that the fundamental object of education is the development of the individual to his fullest possible capacity what should be the immediate object of the teacher in his relation to the child in school ? Let me once more quote Dr. [...] Far too often the type of learning applied is the type of learning that is applied to reading; that is to say the pupil is content to undestand the meaning of the phrase. [...] By means of the question the teacher can keep the mind of the pupil up to the An excellent treatment of the question of substitution-tables will be found in a newly published book Suggestions for the Teaching of English in India by W. M. Ryburn (Oxford University Press) reviewed in this number.--ED. [...] The pupils as well as the teacher should realize that in the classroom the teacher is entitled to the full attention of the class.



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