The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review  November 1898
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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review November 1898




Barbour says The student's English should be the product of the training of the entire institution." If this be so in an English-speaking country how much more so in India ? An agitation has recently sprung up in the Press in favour of the re:introduction of a specific text for the English branch of the Matriculation Examination. [...] Further a really representative committee) representative of the whole of India and not merely of the Bombay Presidency should be formed leaving sufficient power in the hands of the Bombay members to provide for the execution of the wishes of the chief donor or donors. [...] A complete catalogue of all the books in the library is now in the hands of each member and of the Secretary of each affiliated branch ; the value of the collection is more widely known and doubtless greater use is made of it. [...] The scheme was completed a month ago and the Council has since authorised the Committee to do the needful in consultation with the Secretaries and the Treasurer. [...] Another feature of the year's work which is no less notworthy is the investigation which the Guild has made into the results of the abolition of the English Text from the Matriculation curriculum.

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