The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review  September 1898
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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review September 1898




eventually show which side was right and in the meantime the percentages of college results wili rise and the principle of the survival of the fittest will have freer play than ever at the expense —not of the colleges —but of the poor unfit failed candidate who has been handed over by his charapioris to the full bondage of his own inclinations and the inevitable penalty of his own bad habits. [...] su- ject leads to an object of desire we connect it with the desired object and the interest thus becomes 'derived interest.' I repeat that spontaneous attention is the primitive and truo form of attention whose determining force lies in the sensation itself in the strength and persistence of the impression and the relation which it bears to the pre-existing state of the mind. [...] The sum ve mean water level and of the depth of the height of the crest ar it is called the " height " of the wave. [...] The larger the wave the greater the depth affected and the faster the progress of the wave. [...] The tidal curents are thus seen to be simply the orbital movement of the water in the tidal wave.* High tide is the crest of the tidal wave ; then the flood current moves in the direction of wave advance.

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