The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review  August 1898
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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review August 1898




The years of novitiate being blank as regards secular pursuits we shall quote here the opinion of the critics of 1586 in view of the approaching regency" of the Jesuit in the curriculum of letters. [...] Hence the L. T. students of the Madras University who has followed Compa yre as a text-book on Pedagogy will clearly realize from the above quotations that the single paragraph devoted by the French Author in his book on the same subject to the "disdain of History and Sciences by the Jesuits" has been written out of negligence of the views and works of ioveney and the real methods introduced [...] In talking of the formation of the scholar we have first to talk of the " Praelectio " the chief manner of imparting knowledge mentioned in the Ratio secondly of the method of school management throughout the lower grades Ply:caeca° or to put it in au English dress Preketioa is largely equivalent to ' lecturing' in the higher classes ; to explanation' in"510 the lower. [...] Report of the Committee of the Senate appointed at a Meeting held on the 19th March 1897 to consider the question of the relations of affiliated Colleges to the University. [...] 4. The Committee held two sittings for the purpose of rconsidering the draft resolutions in the light of the suggestions received and a final sitting to pass the report and to consider the by-laws amended so as to embody the resolutions.

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