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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review June 1898


The Executive Committee of the teachers was empowered to represent the whole body and agreed to accept a new pension scheme only a part of the provisions of which it knew provided that the arrears of the fee-grant were paid. [...] To judge of the inadequacy of the present state of things and of the lines on which industrial education must develope in the future we have only to turn to the valuable _Appendix Ar. [...] In that city the energetic management of the School of Art has set the pace for the making of that admirable brass-work which is famed alike in the East and the West and has secured the manufacture of those particular kinds of articles for which there is a large demand. [...] A number of the industrial schools are in the hands of the nuns ; the Government pays 5s weekly for the support of a certain number of children ; the nuns take over the management subject to Government inspection. [...] It was referred by the Committee to the original Confeence ; by the Conference it was remitted to the colleges to the sixteen County Councils of Wales to the Press and to the public and was the *The Presidential Address read at the Tenth General Conference of the Teachers' Guild by Dr.
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