The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review  March 1898
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The Indian Journal of Education. A Monthly Review March 1898




If the moon were always vertically above the same point of the earth and if the whole of the earth's surface were covered with water the ocean would under the influence of the moon's attraction assume the shape of a prolate spheroid whose longer axis would point towards the moan ; and therefore the tide would be highest immediately below the moon and at the antipodes of that point. [...] Therefore the part of the ocean indicated by D A B is more attracted than the solid mass of the earth and the solid earth more than the portion B C D. The effect on this latter155 portion is the same as if it were attracted by a body directly over C for the result is the same whether the earth be dragged from the ocean or the ocean from the earth. [...] To borrow an illustration from the critic of my former letter the action of the disturbing force of the moon in maintaiing the tidal wave is analogous to that of the escapement of a clock in main'-fining the swing of a pendulum. [...] That this aspect of the question168 as kept in view by the founders of our University is clear from the rig nage of the preamble to the Act of Incorporation in which the pupose is stated as the encouragement of Her Majesty's subjects of all classes and denominations within the Presidency of Bombay and other parts of India in the pursuit of a regular and liberal course of eduction." It is [...] If again the education we give is to be " liberal " in the sense I have already explained we must provide for the training of the character as well as of the intellect for the will requires discipline not less than the mind and the development of the intellect without the strengthening of the character is more dangerous than ignrance itself.

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