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The Indian Journal of Education. a Monthly Review May 1897




The Resolution attached to the report commences with the following interesting paragraph :— In his orders on the report"302 for 1894-95 Sir Antony MacDonnell took the opportunity of reviewing the state of public education in these provinces as diclosed by the quinquenrial statistics and indicating the points in which the provinces in t his branch of the administration compai 3 unfavourably wi [...] But what is our schoolmaster here required to do ? Notwittanding the serious objections to the suitability of Euclud's Elments to the beginner as a text-book it still continues to be used as one and in the curriculum laid down in the Madras Educational Rules the order of the Elements' and the very numbers of the propositions are prescribed. [...] The method of Kindergarten sugests to the teacher the key to the method of the first lessons he has to give before taking his pupils to the Elements of With the help of the first solids the sphere the cube and the cylinder between the two dissimilar solids. [...] A.s a rule the treatment in the book of a proposition scares the pupils and it is with the object of familiarising them with the processes of consecutive reasoning that the above method embracing a preliminary oral teaching explanation of matter in the book and a final recapitulation is recommended. [...] The Calendar of the Allahabad University contains a number of By-laws of the Syndicate " these being defined as follows :— " A by-law of the Syndicate is any resolution which has been passed by the ndicate and is declared to be a by-law of the Syndicate at an annual meeting of the Syndicate or at a meeting convened for the first Saturday of November of any year." Rgarding the amendment of by-



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